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Why Is This Nonprofit Not about Profit and Not about Sales?

I am the founder of a new science that I have named The Science of Infinite Life Extension—more specifically Personalized Infinite Life Extension. On September 1st of 2020, I formed a Delaware non-profit corporation, “Personalized Infinite Life Extension, Corporation,” and received my completed corporate charter (certificate of incorporation) from the State of Delaware. I am now filing for a United States/IRS 501(c)3 corporate tax exempt status for the corporation for the purpose of research, analysis, forming conclusions, creating actionable personalized applications of infinite life extension knowledge, relevant innovation, writing, publishing, and distribution of personalized infinite life extension information, online applications, building internet networks, and bio-devices for the benefit of the public-not for the intention of making profits and not for the intention of making revenue from sales and commercialism.

The Intention is to Greatly Benefit Society

The intention is to greatly benefit society by proving what I have named the “average everyday common person,” the knowledge, the processes, methodology, the tools, and the mindset to extend her or his life infinitely or to live as long as she or he chooses to live with youthfulness,  maximized health, and disease free. It is NOT about making money; it’s about YOU and providing you with a personalized methodology and tools for long-term life extension with visible and internal youth and health.

As a Marine Corps veteran officer who was affected by the circumstances of violent combat, the Veterans Administration helped me to return to school in 2004, and at the publishing of this book in 2021, I will have been continually in school or taking college and university classes for 16 years. Initially, I wanted to pursue a dream of educating myself in medicine, healthcare, the bio-sciences, electronics, and innovative technology. I was overjoyed to find that there was a degree program of Technology Management with and emphasis on Biomedical Engineering Technology. That was my first Bachelor’s Degree awarded in 2008. I now have completed 3 Master’s Degrees, MPA (Masters of Public Administration) with a concentration in Healthcare Management; a MISM (Masters of Information Systems Management) with a concentration in IS Tools (programming), and a MBA (Masters of Business Administration) with a concentration in Information Systems Management—completed each one with the honor designation of “With Distinction.” In 2020, I began a triple Bachelor’s Degree enrollment to add a 2nd, 3rd, and 4th Bachelor’s Degrees in Biology for Research, Psychology, and Computer Science. By the year 2023, when I intend to enter medical school to earn a MD (medical degree), I am on track to have 5 Masters Degrees and 5 Bachelor’s Degrees. The MD degree will make a total of 11 university degrees and I may add a PhD to make it an even dozen.

BUT WHY? It is because there are NO known qualifications to be an expert on infinite life extension; all I can do is to do continuous/non-stop self-education in related domains, do research, do research of research, correlate, analyze, draw conclusion with logical innovative thought, and engage with society by all means to create beneficial change for life extension that will allow a person to live a youthful, disease free, and healthy life for as long as she or he chooses to live. As I said, often we cannot see where we are going until we get there. Once again, it’s a nonprofit, and the intent is NOT about making profits or maximizing sales even so, for a nonprofit to accomplish its mission and vision, it must be governed a vibrant strategy and good principles of business planning, management, and operations.

The following story of a conversation with my bookcover designer is typical.

 I agreed to the contract cost. The designer specified the completion date of the bookcover for the end of February for normal time. I just asked him how much he would charge for a “rush” job on my bookcover. February was “just around the corner” as people say, but if available earlier, I could begin to post the images and gradually post more information about the book and what I have covered concerning infinite life extension on this site, so you could anticipate what’s coming.
Here’s something revealing about how people think in today’s commercial minds. My designer illustrator is a professional illustrator and designer with 7 years of full-time experience in book cover design, who has created over 500 covers, mainly in science fiction and fantasy, many of which have become best sellers. He has spent over 15000 hours working as a professional illustrator between book covers, board games, and video games. He has worked with bestselling writers and consistently has between 8-15 covers in the top 100 books on Amazon. He works on a continuous basis with 14 of the top authors popular categories on Amazon. It choose this designer because of his skill and creativity of design. Although life extension can to some people sound like a boring and serious topic, I have NOT written it that way; the cover and illustrations must grab the reader’s attention, along with the title, subtitles, and content, to motivate her or him to open the book and never let the reader’s interest waiver. The designer is to create a design that is clearly NON-fiction but shows the adventure that the reader is about to embark on to access #InfiniteLifeExtension.
My designer-illustrator said to me that if I am planning to sell books online, he thinks ebook is necessary, because with most of his clients ebooks are 98% of their sales. He said, “Most that most people don’t buy physical books anymore.”
While I respect his talent and his works immensely, this shows how so many people have different values of what’s important in life, etc. I told him “My project is not merely for people to get a “good read.” I expect that this book will be kept in homes almost like a coffee table book. …to be a subject of conversation with guests and family…and to be constantly picked up almost like a reference book. Two of the books are about cooking, food selection and preparation; I expect them to be kept in or near kitchens. One book will probably be the favorite of the skincare industry. I expect that book will be in a lot of salons and treatment rooms. That’s something physical that old and young can touch and feel. I’m around physical books all the time, and even though I often have access to ebooks, especially for online classes, I have a huge personal library of print books. I always double down and buy the hard copy too even if I have an online textbook with my courses. I hope that my book might also be eligible for some award, and the awards that I have in mind require that the book is a print copy book. So, it’s about sales yes, but it’s not ALL about sales. The print copy is the main focus still, but I’d like to do the ebook simultaneously. Thanks.
So, there is still a strong place in this world for printed books, AND people DO still love and buy printed books—even though the publishing industry is under siege from being a partially monopoly of agents and publishers, from the economic shutdown of storefront stores, and from what has become a mature and strong self-publishing industry with ebooks and printed books.
You should know that I didn’t have to create a nonprofit corporation to research, analyze, write, publish, promote, and distribute information and methodology for infinite life extension if it was about sales or making money. A nonprofit can make profit but it prohibits the money from being distributed to the founder (me) or officers of the nonprofit—although I can be an employee of the corporation. Employee salaries must be reasonable and are monitored by government entities overseeing nonprofits. If it was about profit and sales, I would have chosen a different kind of business structure. I have written this 10-book series for your benefit and the benefit of global society—not for profit or merely sales. While sales, of course, are an important part of distribution, it is NOT the purpose of the 10-book series and the subsequent books to come that are already in planning. It never surprises me how commercialism is first on people’s minds. Often, it works against important human values, or I should say that it usually works against important human values. I will apply for a 501(c)3 United States/IRS nonprofit status this month (October 2020), which would be federally exempt from taxes, but Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation is already a State of Delaware nonprofit corporation.
I stay excited about each step of the progress each day. It’s also fun, and I’ll be putting together a formal strategy/business plan soon. It will be nice to dust off my business experience and put my MBA to use to enhance what began with the 16 years of education, 5 years of writing, 5 years of research of research, bio-sciences, healthcare, biotech, biomedical, information systems, and bio-device technology systems education and concepts. Did I mention that it’s fun?
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