Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation

If you’re not planning on living, you are planning on dying.

Albert Vincent Sheppard

As with my odyssey, often we cannot see where we are going until we get there.
Albert Vincent Sheppard

First, care about yourself and understand how to take care of yourself. If you don’t care about yourself, how can you care about others? If you don’t care about yourself and don’t care about others, you don’t care about life or living.
Albert Vincent Sheppard

In the corporation’s 10-book series on The New Science of Infinite Life Extension, with the processes, methodologies, and knowledge for YOU to achieve infinite life extension, one of the problems that I had to solve is that billions of people don’t actually want to live even though they say they do if asked.
Albert Vincent Sheppard

Cures—New prevention of dementia, aging, cancers, Arthritis, genetic, heart, lung, liver, kidneys, childhood diseases—extended longevity, stop wrinkles, automatically controls weight, fat, and many chronic health conditions

Illnesses, diseases, and many disabilities will be prevented or cured by infinite life extension principles and processes. Doctors, clinics, hospitals, medical care, healthcare, and pharmaceutical medicines will need to be continued for the foreseeable future, but immediate youth retention, rejuvenation, health, strength, and energy will result in individuals, as momentum picks up for the New Science of Infinite Life Extension prevention will overtake and dominate cures. The methodologies of infinite life extension or longevity will infinitely extend life, lifetime personalized health, youth, and activate rejuvenation with actionable methods and changes that can be learned and accessed by the average everyday, common person to eliminate illness, suffering, and improve quality of life. Albert Vincent Sheppard is the CEO, President of Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation. It is a nonprofit corporation, which in 2021 begins to publish and distribute infinite life extension information for the benefit of the public good and is based in bioscience, biomedical, medical, healthcare, and healthcare principles.

Read the Explanation of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension

This Textbook Along With a 10-book set on Infinite Life Extension To Be Published in 2021

The First-Ever Textbook of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension

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Read the Explanation of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension

Unlike the arrangements of topics in a typical science textbook that is reductionist, I have discussed the science at the core of new concepts and processes in these day-to-day topics and the sciences’ leading-edge for anyone desiring to begin infinite life extension. Unlike the 10-book series on infinite life extension, which is written for the “average everyday, common person” to easily understand and activate the changes needed for infinite life extension, this textbook is written for those who want to see more of the science underlying the concepts. With reductionist science, as in textbooks, it is too easy to get lost or buried in reductionist explanations and facts because it leads nowhere and everywhere. That is not helpful if one wants to clearly map a path to infinite life extension because the current state of science has NO answers and NO map for infinite life extension. Two key concepts and processes that I have and named the Emergent Being and Disruptive Evolution are a work-around that has allowed me to prescribe—so-to-speak—the processes and the methodologies for infinite life extension.

The Emergent Being • Disruptive Evolution • Youth Retention • Babies to Children • Girls to Women •Boys to Men • Life/Energy • Food& Drink • Oxygen & Water • Healthcare • Prevention • Wellness •Avoiding Disease & Illness• Anti-aging • Food Selection & Preparation• Genes • The Usual Suspects • The Unusual Suspects •Biotechnology • Elite Performance & Sports • Rejuvenate Skincare • The Immortal Brain• Supplements • EXILE • Biotech Engineering • Microbes • Surviving Epidemics & Pandemics•Achieving Happiness • Bioscience • Micro-Intelligences • Personalization & Informatics •

How could this be a new science considering the fact that thousands of scientists, doctors, philosophers, thinkers, and writers have researched, written, or talked about short-term and long-term life extension for thousands of years?

The short answer is that NONE of the individuals, groups, or organizations in history or those currently doing bioscience or biotech work built their concepts into a COMPLETE full-blown science. The following pages contain the full explanation that I promised you.

The list includes scientists, doctors, philosophers, thinkers, writers, and crackpots, and throughout history until the current day, regardless of many brilliant observations, experimental investigations, discoveries, medicines, supplements, healthcare systems, surgical procedures, university studies, peer-reviewed articles, books, and organizations, NONE have conceived of infinite life extension as a new science and brought ALL the complex and relevant factors and sectors together as a science of INFINITE life extension until now as Albert Vincent Sheppard has done.

I have begun discussing the History of Life Extension on the Personalized Infinite Life Extension sites and others. I will post the links within days; however, understanding the philosophy, ethics, and history of life-extension is NOT and can NEVER be synonymous with the science of infinite life extension.

Is “Life Extension” the Same as Infinite Life Extension?

No! It is NOT—not in the least. Simply talking about extending lives, or even drugs, devices, or procedures that extend the life of someone ill, injured, or diseased for a period of time is NOT infinite life extension. There is a recent book that has a title that implies that it’s going to show you ways “...Not to Die.” If you do follow EVERYTHING in that book, YOU will still die soon. Everybody and their dogs and cats are trying to tell you what to do or to sell you something to extend your life. Some of them are legitimate medical, health, biotech, and/or research professionals and /or organizations; others are just sucking off the original work of others. People have been finding ways to extend lives since the first humans evolved. Simply eating nutrients is life extension, and so is putting a bandage and/or antibiotic on a wound. The term LifeExtension is NOT a  #science.; It is hodgepodge of uncoordinated and unrelated; unprofessional and professional; scientific and unscientific; technical and non-technical, drug and non-drug; and medical and non-medical temporary solutions to serious and imminent potential for death—and then the patient or client still ages ugly, gets ill or diseased again, and dies soon. The proponents think it’s a big deal if a person will soon be able to live 10 to 30 years longer than usual. Whether it’s 10 years or 50 years, that’s still NOT infinite life extension. Nevertheless, while some people have changed their lives and behaviors to live healthier lives for a few years or a decade or two longer they ALL age and die soon and the cycle continues as it has for millennia. Life extension is NOT the Science of Infinite Life Extension. And, it is certainly NOT Personalized Infinite Life Extension.


Einstein and My Unified Theory of Infinite Life Extension (UTILE)

In my 10-book series on infinite life extension, I compare how my UTILE Theory compares to Einstein’s TOE. One of the quirks of Einstein’s personality and mind caused professional disagreements that haunted him until his dying day. In spite of his ideological stubbornness isolating him from nearly all the brilliant minds of his physics peers, he stubbornly persisted in solving the problem that is now known as the unified field theory or Theory of Everything (#TOE). Part of Einstein’s greatness arose from his insistence on unifying things. Instead of #physics of the universe of the universe, The New Science of Infinite Life Extension, as the initial set of 10 books will show you, is about human infinite life extension. Thankfully, the same principles of the universe also apply to life within it. The 10-book series is in the mode of Albert Einstein’s mindset of unifying disparate concepts, and unifying concepts of life and infinite life extension. It is my Unified Theory of Infinite Life Extension (UTILE) and it is inspired by Einstein’s Theory of Everything (TOE). But what good is theory if it doesn’t benefit YOU and YOUR life? Unlike much of the physicists’ work, the Science of Infinite Life Extension, as the initial set of 10 books will show you, is not merely a collection of #theories and/or #mathematical proofs, and/or numerical calculations of #Statistical Significance. It is a how to of the New Science of Infinite Life Extension. The numbers will follow results.

What Are the Currently Existing Sciences?

The BranchesOfScience that currently are recognized are sometimes called the scientific fields, the scientific disciplines, or simply the sciences; I put them into four upper-level groups:

Social sciences

#SocialSciences are defined as the study of human behavior relative to social and cultural influences and environments.

Natural sciences

NaturalSciences are defined as the study of natural phenomena such as biological, #astrophysical#geological#physical, and #chemical #laws, factors, composition, etc. of the universe. It is divided into the physical science branch and the LifeScience or the #biological science branch.

Natural sciences and social sciences also contains what are defined as empirical sciences where the knowledge is required to be based on observable phenomena, and it is required that it can be verified by other scientists or researchers repeating the work under the same conditions.

Applied sciences

AppliedScience is the use of existing scientific knowledge to practical goals. Would you consider infinite life extension a “practical goal?” I hope so. BUT the definition of “existing scientific knowledge” is problematic. Infinite life extension is much more extensive than the impotent “existing scientific knowledge” regarding infinite life extension. This classification does not fit infinite life extension EITHER.

Formal sciences

Formal sciences are defined as the study of formalized systems including systems of logic and mathematics including mathematics, machine sciences such as computer science, etc.

FormalScience are further defined as the fundamental sciences and are the core of applied sciences including #engineering and #medicine.

Infinite Life Extension Goes Far Beyond Just Science and Medicine and Doctors

I love and respect the medical profession and soon will also have a MD (medical doctors degree), but what it does is diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries along with dispensing pharmaceuticals and patient supplies, doing surgeries, doing examinations, ordering and analyzing lab tests and radiology, utilizing medical and healthcare equipment, technology, ordering therapy, prosthetics, nursing, nutrition, doing emergency services and procedures, following up with patients and their conditions, providing hospice for the dying, etc. That’s NOT infinite life extension and although a necessary function of keeping people alive for their so-called lifetimes, their patients will still die soon.

Infinite life extension is outside the imagination and training of medicine, healthcare systems, and/or medical and drug therapy systems. On the other hand, the concurrent movement to #prevention#wellness, and HealthMaintenance is still in its infancy, and such adequate healthcare for all is being fought by political, private, and government conservatives. The concept has been vigorously fought against by insurance companies, which are primarily concerned with profit, and like most big businesses, their main responsibility is to the company and/or the stockholders. Sorry, the medical profession keeping you healthy is not as lucrative. No, there is no conspiracy; it’s just a fact that if no one gets sick, there would be neither work nor income for those in medicine and some sectors of healthcare—except perhaps for accidents and injuries. It certainly DOES NOT qualify as the science of infinite life extension or more specifically, personalized infinite life extension.

 Soon” is relative to how long you should live, could live, and would live, if you understood the Battle and battle strategies that are part of the Science of Infinite Life Extension as explained in the initial 10-book publication.

Medicine or healthcare is NOT and can NEVER be synonymous with the science of infinite life extension.

So, WHAT Science Category Does the Science of Infinite Life Extension Fit In?

Infinite Life Extension Should Be the 5th Major Science or In a Major Category of Its Own

Understanding ALL the sciences and using all the knowledge accumulated by human beings since human emergence is for one ultimate purpose—survival. ALL the other sciences began with one single person and then joined by others trying to understand some simple observation and/or trying to solve a problem of life. Each of these sciences, including all the biology sciences and the logical sciences like mathematics or empirical sciences, etc., in spite of how complex they may seem today, they and ALL pursuits of knowledge and know-how began for one reason—survival. Lifeforms’ original purpose was and still is to survive and reproduce. It is at the core of my books on infinite life extension. Infinite life extension encapsulates and utilizes all the other categories of science but sits atop the hierarchy. As such, infinite life extension is the origin of ALL other sciences. It is the 5th major science and stands in a major science category of its own.

Those anonymous people who decide what the sciences are will try to put the new science of infinite life extension under biology, but infinite life extension is far greater and exceeds the limits of biology. #Biology is one of the natural sciences. Infinite life extension includes principles, facts, and data from biology, but it also completely integrates the social sciences and others. Infinite life extension cannot be listed there either.

Biologists call biology the science of life. So, why haven’t they explained the processes for infinite life extension? Biology is the study of living things and the science of life, but that is an overstatement. Biology stands on the shoulders of and owes much to the underlying sciences of chemistry and physics. Biology has taken too much under its umbrella. It is NOT and cannot be the science of infinite life extension. Although biology has many specialty subjects such as the study of the sub-science of viruses, plants, animals (including humans), protists, archaea, bacteria, fungi, cells, evolution, etc., to become a science, biology had to observe, hypothesize, investigate, analyze, describe, and unify the common and divergent concepts and facts about living things. There are unifying themes in biology among the specialty subjects. At the base of them all is the cell. That is NOT the science of infinite life extension. Biology in all its forms and specialties is NOT and can NEVER be synonymous with or be the category of the science of infinite life extension.

But What About #Biotech; Isn’t It a Science Of Infinite Life Extension?

No! It is NOT the Science of Infinite Life Extension. Biotech or biotechnology as in the case of biology is a much overused category and overly hyped by the money that so many have made on new drug development and the accompanying biotech private investments and stock market hype. Bio means life and technology can range from mechanical, electronic devices; bio-chemicals, agriculture genetic manipulations, pharmaceuticals, medicines, human genetic manipulation, wearable health devices, food technology, etc. It is simply some kind of technology that is based on biology, and it uses the cellular and molecular life processes for various kinds of products for the planet, for health, and to improve lives. It even includes what humans have been doing for half a millennium, e.g. using bacteria, yeast, etc. to make food products like beer, wine, bread, cheeses, yogurt, and preserved foods. Unfortunately, biotech is mostly product oriented.

Most people also know how much good biotechnology is doing. There is good reason for biotech to be, as I said, overly hyped by the money that so many have made on new drug development and the accompanying biotech private investments and stock market hype. Biotechnology is spread out between healing using our own genetics, reducing disease and infections, creating healthcare and medical tools, using fermentation and biocatalysts, e.g. enzymes, yeast, other microbes, redesigning plants, enhancing chemical manufacturing, reducing reliance on fossil fuels, capturing the potential of waste products, improving crop insect resistance, generating high crop yields, making foods healthier, creating healthcare products and vaccines, etc.

Should We Wait On Biotech?

You may think that it still has great potential for infinite life extension, and just like healthcare and the medical profession it urgent that the progress continues, and they are ALL necessary to help people to live a bit longer. #Biotechnology discoveries in some categories of products will also help to sustain a life for a while. Nevertheless, as you will learn from understanding the 10-book series on infinite life extension, biotech or biotechnology is NOT and can NEVER be synonymous with the science of infinite life extension and WILL NOT be a solution to infinite life extension. The main reason is that there has never been a coherent and cohesive purpose such as I have created in my Unified Theory of Infinite Life Extension(UTILE)

King Tut Syndrome

King Tut

It’s an exciting and anxious time in science and technology due to what seems like almost daily discoveries by biotech companies that are trying hard to find interventions, controls and bioelectrochemicals to treat your illnesses and defeat diseases. That’s where the public, the government, the grants, and health and medical institutions are spending their money. Let me put it another way; that’s where the #money is. Market driven institutions and even non-profits have to focus in this area in order to survive long enough to accomplish their missions. Again, as you can see on my >site , one of my areas of graduate education is in healthcare management. Although the future of healthcare is health management, wellness, and prevention, as stated in promotions and concept statements, in practice, the results are still feeble and too often just window dressing by healthcare facilities/organization/personnel. Every country has more or less of a healthcare system, but in the U.S. it’s ALL about money and has been stonewalled by mega-profit seeking insurance companies and massive interference against the public good. Special interest, and complex lies, deceit, or misdirection concerning the value of YOUR life is the villain.

Even with these feeble efforts, scattered health articles, opportunistic shortsighted books, holistic fringes, well-meaning gurus, and many charlatans, there is no totally comprehensive, convincing, and motivating movement to keep you from dying. This may lead some to think that the Personalized Infinite Life Extension’s initial book series is the ultimate health, wellness, and prevention solution, but it is so much more than that. The concept of health and wellness barely scratches the surface. “Don’t you see me walking here?” I’m talking about infinite life extension  here. Human healthcare seeming is an obstacle to wealth accumulation and retaining wealth for the wealth; but that does NOT have to be if the science of infinite life extension is understood, developed, promoted, and expanded globally. AND YES!!! The question of population growth and global resources have also been answered in the initial 10-book series.

Several times, in the 10-book series on infinite life extension, I’ve said that infinite life extension is not an exact science; infinite life extension cannot be achieved by science or biotech alone. If you wait on biotech and science researchers, you’re going to leave a beautiful corpse that museums can display forever. I mean no disrespect to biotech or science researchers, doctors, pharmacology, etc. Again, each of those profession are areas that I already am or soon will be part of.

Just a bit more about biotech. Although amazing discoveries and progress is happening in biotech every day, you’ll be dead before biotech solves all the problems that its researchers are working on as to life extension or to rejuvenate your living cells while in your body, in vivo (in your body, not on glass plates, in test tubes, in glass bottles, in petri dishes, in flasks, or in other animals), or finds cures for all the diseases and known causes of death. Then as soon as they treat you for one thing, another death knell will toll. By the time one finishes reading this book series, even the slowest minds should get it that there are no pills, pharmaceutical injections, or intravenous drips/infusions that will make all the changes needed for infinite life extension. Neither will there be enough genetic splicing or stem cell capable of doing all that I’ve discussed in this 10-book series on infinite life extension. In the end, however, as with the pharaohs of ancient Egypt, your body will be so well preserved by all these drugs and techniques that you, like King Tut and the embalmed mummies of Egypt, will be a beautiful corps or perhaps, a zombie. If you don’t believe me ask you mummy.

Over the next 10 to 50 years, biotech will add from 10 to 50 years to the average #lifespan of people who can afford it or have insurance that will pay for it or live in countries that pay for it, but in the end, they will still be dead. For many reasons, it’s more likely that you and yours may be on the short end of that span even with biotech advances. On the other hand, maximizing the use of healthcare is PART of this infinite life extension; things are happening inside you and are going to happen that you, doctors, exams, and labs need to and can detect so that they can be fixed early. This book is NOT anti-medicine; I am adding an MD degree of my own. On the other hand, doctors will be astounded at how healthy you remain and how slowly you are aging or not showing outward signs or vital signs of age. Nevertheless, while biotech and other researchers are finding out how to #cure some of the major things that can go wrong with you, and although minor things also have the potential to kill you, this book tells you how to still be alive, healthy, and youthful while they are struggling and experimenting with their discoveries’ ups and downs/pros and cons. With the application of the concepts of this book, not only will you have stayed alive long enough to see these biotech promises and advancements come to fruition, but you will continue to thrive while others won’t. Most people around today won’t be alive when most of the biotech dust finally settles, and only those who have adopted and applied the knowledge of infinite life extension that begins with the 10-book series and then are further aided by the amazing advancements in biotech and healthcare, will be able to achieve infinite life extension−not just have a reprieve for a decade or so. You can’t go and ask your mummy what you should do; she or he hasn’t a clue. Okay, bad joke, but you’ve got some hard choices ahead, some infinite life extension choices can initially stress relationships; the older generation, professors, and textbooks can’t help you with many decision and most doctors don’t have these answers or insights.

Infinite Life Extension may Sound like a Noun

Infinite life extension may sound like a noun (life-extension) modified with the adjective, infinite, BUT in reality it is NOT. It should be perceived as an action as in “to do.” This implies interrelated concepts, process, and methods that can or will accomplish extending one’s life infinitely.

What it has in common with other sciences, such as biology, physics, chemistry, behavioral science, and all their off-shoots is that the science of infinite life extension is also BASED on reductionist knowledge and data that was derived from observations, hypotheses, prediction, experimentation, results analyses, statistical analyses, conclusions, and repetition, BUT it doesn’t stop there.

In addition, the science of infinite life extension, like all other sciences, “stands on the shoulders of ….” well you know the rest of the Isaac Newton cliché phrase. While standing on the shoulders of the past scientific giants and scientific achievements and applying much of the knowledge, methods, and discoveries of the other four categories of science, Infinite Life Extension is an umbrella, a roof, or a huge tent with room for all experimental and observational science-based methods and pursuits that have the potential to advance frontiers and the science of infinite life extension—and less so about collections of volumes of data in information about what is already known. While not all infinite life extension concepts and processes can immediately be supported by systematic methodology based on repeated laboratory experimental evidence, global scientists will be challenged to further argue concepts with inductive and deductive reasoning, investigation, and experimentation.

So Why Haven’t Others Created the Science of Infinite Life Extension Until Now?

First is that almost without exception, scientists and the scientific advancements projects in progress are primarily about medical cures. They typically refer back genetically to apes and the immediate unknown pre-human ancestors, organism with minimal complexity, and/or genetically-close other species as a basis for the human bio-system. In fact, the answers go back ~4.5 to 3.5 billion years to the time that Earth was formed and the original lifeforms evolved as living blobs and began sustaining their lives (energy) against overwhelming odds—the deadly environment of the Violent Planet (the subject of one of the 10 books). The evolved lifeforms have already solved the problem of infinite life extension or living forever. Most of science is trying to re-engineer what has already been developed over billions of years of evolution’s problem solving—Infinite Life Extension.

Second is that the Unintended Perpetuation of the Treatment & Cure Syndrome and the draining of intellectual, financial, and analytical resources. It is the tail wagging the dog even though there would seem to be no alternative to stopping the bleeding first. Consequently, it prevents science from even conceiving of the Science of Infinite Life Extension and devoting a significant amount of resource to it.

Labels sound insensitive, but it’s NOT about blaming the victim; it’s just a listing to begin a discussion that will reverse the trend after 1000s of years with literally NO progress on infinite life extension. The sick people, the cancers, the fat people, the chronically ill, the socially ill, the addicted ill, mentally ill, and the perpetually ill people are defining the narrative and hogging up the research, the effort, money, and the advanced thinkers. There are other areas of primary interest too, such as dementia, Alzheimer’s Parkinson’s disease, etc. I’m sure you know of a few more. By defining the narrative, I mean that illness, diseases, epidemics, pandemics, obesity, high blood pressure, cholesterol, diet, etc. is ALL that we hear about. And, for the topic of health and medicine, it’s rightfully so. How can we even begin to think about infinite life extension when we can’t seem to keep people free from being sick and dying from obesity, illness, disease, cancers, and chronic and genetic health conditions?

Third is that humans are not smart enough and don’t have the brain or computer capacity to fully analyze at the reductionist level the complex, interconnected, system’s internal and external actions-reactions on a personalized emergent self , behavioral, and a constantly shifting biosphere basis for each of the eight billion of unique individuals on the planet.

Forth is that even if the capacity existed, the information and data is so enormous that the human mind can’t comprehend what it would see—all the relationships—composed of 1s and 0s—that are essential to infinite life extension. I do, however, look forward to its utility for diagnostics, long-term predictions based on infinite scenarios of pathways, behaviors, internal and external exposures, and microbes when it exists, and I plan to be part of building it. Meanwhile, the Science of Infinite Life Extension MUST work primarily at the level of personalizing the choices, changes, actions, and behaviors of what I have named the Emergent Being.

Fifth is that currently, the knowledge is spread too far out between the life-science specialties— the biosciences, pure bio-research, biotechnology research, biotech devices, system’s medicine, traditional medicine, complimentary medicine, telemedicine, healthcare systems, anti-aging, pharmacology, and the most recent advancements in cures for diseases. Every scientist and researcher has her or his pet personal theories, projects, and limitations—the right hand of science and medicine does not know what the left hand is doing, so the information is not consolidated, correlated, and certainly not linked to infinite life extension. There are some feeble efforts to do more multitasking with more professional diversity among studies/research and projects.

Sixth is that in spite of all the #NobelPrize awards, #MDs#PhDs#MastersDegrees#research credentials, papers and books written, and peer-evaluations, this massive number of worldwide professionals can’t see the forest for the trees.

Seventh is that even if when they have a glimpse of what is in plain view in front of them, they do not communicate information effectively, write, or speak in terms that the what I have named “the average everyday, common person” can understand to activate to make changes in to significantly extend his or her life towards infinite life extension, e.g. There is equal justification for calling the 2020 U.S., Asian, Middle Eastern, Western European, and Eastern European (global) COVID-19 response gross ineptitude as there is for calling it a scientific fiasco. The gross negligence, lack or preparedness, lack of knowledge transferred to the average everyday, common person, false and confusing information given by scientists and agencies to the public about the protection from COVID-19, and scientific ineptitude to find the cures or a vaccine before millions died and/or acquired permanent cellular, organ, appendage, system, and brain damage and/or infection is beyond comprehension. And, this is only one of an infinite number of examples of this reason why and the incredible number of global health failures.

Eight is that the target for the information must be specifically you, and the information must be personalized to your individual genetics and epigenetic-data and written and communicated to you in a way that YOU can act upon it for your own personal infinite life extension and survival.

Ninth is that while nearly every academic professor, doctor, scientist, and researcher is beginning to talk about the human body as a system, she or he approaches the human body system by system as though they were all separate. Due to the immense complexity of the metabolic systems, they too are carved up in this same way. They combine only those systems that they couldn’t forcibly separate such as the muscular-skeletal, the neuromuscular, etc. There appears to be no literature, books, material, or studies that have shown any competence at linking and correlating all the life and survival functions of the body and brain as one unified continuous system and energy channel and circuit that elevates the physical and functional to a higher level emergent being that makes moment-to-moment conscious and unconscious choices with behaviors that have acute influence of the person’s short-term and long-term survival against a massively violent and antagonistic environment, both inside and outside the person’s body.

Tenth is that money, recognition, politics, and societal beliefs appear to be the driving forces for most of those in the bio professions, which corrupts the intent, the direction, and the effort. Furthermore, despite today’s multitasking and team concepts, each group looks somewhat with disdain upon some others. A consequence of this is that legitimate science, until recently, has not even considered exploring and putting together the disparate pieces of the puzzle of how people could live infinite lives. Even now, when it counts the most, some essential areas of thought are being bullied. Book #10 of the 10-book covers my concept that billions of deaths can be attributed to two single concepts. #1. Billions of people do not even want to >live, although they say that they do if asked, and #2.Almost no one believes that she or he can live infinitely. The evidence is in what you hear people say, often in supposed jest, and in what they do, but the consequences of both are quite serious and create biologically reactions, speeds up aging, and reduces resistance to correlates with shortened telomeres, initiates or accelerates cell senescence, alters cell signaling and communications, alters metabolic pathways, and accelerates the march towards death, which prevents infinite life extension processes. One manifestation of this is recognized by psychologist and psychiatrists as #suicide #ideation. Interestingly, in cases of teen depression, it is readily seen in the shortening of telomeres. Suicide ideation is in direct conflict with the Prime Directive (this is a concept created and named by Albert Vincent Sheppard and a core principal of infinite life extension and the 10-book series) and therefore in direct conflict with infinite life extension. In book #10, I also discuss how most of the world has Post Traumatic Stress—not merely combat veterans, rape victims, other victims or witnesses of violence and racism. All of these conditions are inheritable to multiple generations—not just one—through epigenetics and most of it has been passed down with genes for generation after generation after generation. Further, I make a case that the global population qualifies for a clinical diagnosis of psychosis/schizophrenia due to its existence within the Matrix (this is a concept created and named by Albert Vincent Sheppard and a core principal of infinite life extension and the 10-book series) and its compartmentalization of beliefs verses behaviors verses reality. I disassemble and invalidate the most common reasons that billions of people don’t want to live, even though they say they do, which in many cases are directly related to these factors and result in rapid aging, illness, mental and social instability, and death.

Eleventh is that humans,—in spite of all the advancements and knowledge gained over the last hundred or so years by science, medicine, healthcare; and in spite of all the nice dwelling, fancy clothing, jewelry, cars, planes, space craft, ceremonies, schools, stores, cuisine, games, sports, TV, movies, architecture, electronics, music, art, etc.— YOU are living hour-to-hour and day-to-day no smarter about life, life continuity, survival, life extension, and infinite life extension than the so-called dumb-animals. As such, even the smartest humans, including the scientists, are justifiably also in the domain of so-called dumb-animals. What is even more distressing is that scientists, doctors, and healthcare professionals are not even using the knowledge that they have to live longer; they are dying and succumbing to illnesses just as fast, if not faster than the non-professionals.

Twelfth is that it is no secret that billions of humans globally have no concept of how many ways they are SERIOUSLY destroying the main thing that is keeping humans alive--the biosphere, the environment, the climate, the oceans, the land, the habitat, the ozone layer, etc. AND almost half of those who do realize it couldn’t care less, are profiting from the destruction, have distorted minds and priorities, are locked into financially conservative or delusional thinking and/or ideologies.

Thirteenth is that prejudice, bigotry, and racism have been perpetuated within humans--all humans. These natural human frailties have retarded the formation of the science of infinite life extension by their effects though the dominant groups destroying the will, the opportunity, and the wherewithal to live of billions of humans. The root causes are religious intolerance, conservatives, right-wing politics, white-supremacists, religious supremacists, racists (including biases, prejudices, micro-racist, bigots, innate, suppressed, and/or hidden racism, ethnocentrism, and discrimination), and their actions, their enablers, their followers, and the indifferent acting against ideology, finance, and the programs of the common good. AND NO! The common good is NOT about communism or socialism. In this context, it’s about the science of infinite life extension. It’s a boomerang effect, and it will return to you.

Fourteenth is that wars, conflicts, and killing has been perpetuated by humans over 10s of thousands of years. This acts directly against the formation of the science of infinite life extension and is the pseudo-science of killing and the pseudo-science of war and all the violent conflicts, local, regional, and world wars, nationalism, ethnocentrism, religious crusades, ideological violence, etc. The potential for total extinction of the entire human race is very much real and human extinction is incredibly likely.

Make Your Plans Now for the 1st "International Open Public Infinite Life Extension Conferences and Tele-Conferences Jointly with Leading-Edge Bio-Science, Sociology, Social Psychology, Healthcare, Anti-Aging, Medical, Personalized Medicine, Precision Medicine, Systems Medicine, Stratified Medicine, Theranostics, P4 Medicine, Network Medicine, Childcare, Child Development, Skincare, Disease Control, Food Safety, Biotechnology Engineering, and Biotechnology Participants" (Open to the public). (Open to the public): December, 2022.

Infinite Life Extension #Data and #Evidence

Global data and evidence will be maintained and updated in a future personalized infinite life extension software engineered online global information systems network for infinite life extension support, medical, bio-science, and healthcare correlation to permit the general public to access actionable and highly personalized solutions, which an individual can use to create personalized processes and change for her or his maximum life extension and to achieve life extension infinitely.

The Mission and Vision of Infinite Life Extension Corporation

The Mission

of Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation is to develop, to organize, and to promote the Science of Infinite Life Extension globally and to promulgate the concepts and processes in order to motivate the people—“the average everyday, common person” to use the knowledge, the methodology, the processes, the tools, and the mindset to extend her or his life infinitely or to live as long as she or he chooses to live with youthfulness, maximized health, and disease free.

The Vision

of Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation is to greatly benefit society and the science of infinite life extension by making continuing major contributions to global health, wellness, infinite life extension, for the common good and a better global existence.

The methods:

The Science of Infinite Life Extension Works at the Leading Edge of Knowledge

Unlike most other sciences, the science of infinite life extension includes MUST work at what is sometimes referred to as “fringe science,” which might be compared to theoretical thinking in physics or theoretical physics. While MOST of infinite life extension utilizes the accepted body of knowledge in the 4 major science groups, the leading edge of the science of infinite life extension MUST work on the fringe—infinite life extension is a new science. This leading edge is based in established science, but explores and develops concepts and life extension solutions at the very boundaries of maintaining continuously RENEWING and/or REJUVENATING the body and life. Countless discoveries and established principles of science that are accepted today began on the fringe of known science. The mavericks who work on the edge of science are often seen as a bit crazy, but we know today that they are the energy and force behind advancing boundaries and significant scientific change. And finally, because all other sciences as well as medicine, and healthcare have failed to keep people alive infinitely, for The Science of Infinite Life Extension to be considered PersonalizedInfiniteLifeExtension, the science is directed at and put into the hands of what the founder, Albert Vincent Sheppard, has named “the average everyday, common person.” The science of infinite life extension is a living, developing, growing, continually environmentally and behaviorally sensitive, and continually environmentally and behaviorally responsive.

While Personalized Infinite Life Extension publication are reduced to common and easily understood narrative, they are based on scientific, objective observations, hypotheses, complex evidence, and the experiment and/or investigations of accepted science with the application of induction—reasoning to conclusions drawn from facts and/or examples.

Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation expects to enlist and/or cooperate with other scientist to establish the methodology of repetition, critical analysis, verification, and testing of concepts and hypotheses, but the Science of Infinite Life Extension WILL NOT WAIT on them.


MOST of the #Early #Gurus and Health and/or #Life #Writers DIED or Soon Will be Dead, and None of their Books or the Books of the Current Doctors, Gurus, or Writers on #LongevitySuperFoods#Nutrition#Cancer, Biology, the #GutMindBody, Staying #Healthy#Exercises#Yoga#Meditation, #Medicine, Cures, and/or Not #Dying Will Keep a Single Person #Alive

Most of the early gurus and/or health and life writers died or soon will be dead, and none of their books or the books of the current doctors, gurus, or writers on longevity, super foods, nutrition, cancer, biology, the gut, mind-body, staying healthy, exercises, yoga, meditation, medicine, cures, and/or not dying will keep a single person alive. Although each is helpful in some ways, they are pitifully inept, misguided, insubstantial, incomplete, and, in some cases, disingenuous. If you or any person reads them and follows them, you and they will still die soon. And so, the public is waiting for The Science of Infinite Life Extension and such information as is in its initial 10-book series.

Doctors, Scientists, Researchers, Professors, Health/Life Gurus, and Other Authors Just Plain Don’t Know How to Infinitely Extend Your Life

My Medical School Might Make It Tough On Me for Saying All This

The 16 years that I have been preparing, researching, studying, and writing about subjects relative this science and the last 5 years of specifically researching, studying, and writing about infinite life extension has delayed me from completing the final steps to enter medical school. I will continue my university courses to complete multiple additional degrees and then enter medical school, soon. Once in medical school, I will have to listen, study, and ask questions relevant to medicine while keeping my mouth shut about my concepts of infinite life extension. Medical #doctors and medical schools know little or nothing about infinite life extension, and I already have had experiences in classrooms where, on some subjects, I knew more than the instructors. It’s always uncomfortable and usually difficult to add my thoughts without sounding like I’m confronting the professor. I’m going to medical school to learn about medicine and healing and to get the MD credential to add to perceived credibility on the subject of infinite life extension. In fact, there is NO credential for infinite life extension. I am the founder of the Science of Infinite Life Extension or more specifically, Personalized Infinite Life Extension. The path began with writing the 10-book series and then forming Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation to build and promote the science. Medical schools might make it tough on me for saying all the things I’ve said about medicine and biotech NOT being the way forward, etc. even though I’ve given medicine and doctors credit for the magnificent dedication and work they and other healthcare professionals have done and do for humanity.

What You Believe about Life Extension Is Coming from Medical Professionals or #Reductionist #Scientists

Most of what we believe about life extension comes from medical professionals or reductionistscientists. To begin, clearly, medical professionals are wonderful people. Historically, doctors and nurses have done dedicated work for people and in the service of their profession and healing. 10s of thousands of medical professionals and aids have died as a direct result of their service to save others. While honoring such service, dedication, and humanity, I also must point out that people put their lives in the hands of doctors and other medical/health professionals, and even though I too will have a medical doctors degree, I can assure you that most of them get an MD or other medical credential with less life experience than even a typical teenager and often live lives unrelated to how the patients live. Many grew up in skewed environments with solitary focus on academics, excluding much else. Coincidentally, while preparing to take my MCAT exam, the national exam that is part of the qualification of students to enter medical school, I notice that in 2015, two of the new testing sections added are introductory psychology and introductory sociology. I will leave up to you to surmise why testing future medical students on understanding individual’s brains and behavior, how society functions, and group and social behavior is important and why this testing of understanding and competency was not done or considered essential previously. Of course, it is essential to infinite life extension and I’ve made it an important part of the 10-book series on infinite life extension.

Specialists and Generalists Have an Authoritarian View and Understanding of Life and Life Extension

Time in the medical and healthcare profession turns doctors into specialists or generalists with a filtered perception and understanding of life and life extension Although I will complete medical school to add a MD (medical degree) to multiple other university degrees that I discussed, it’s critical that I write and publish this book before medical school because too many doctors succumb to the disease of becoming dogmatic authoritarians, wealth seeking, and/or glory hounds. And, although there have been amazing leaps of medical progress alongside the great achievements, from ancient-times right up to present day, there has also been a sorry path of dogma, authoritarianism, religious obstruction, frequent absence of ethics, grotesque practices, bad science, mistaken beliefs, countless medical errors, corruption, biases, prejudices, racism, personal addictions, criminality, unprofessional behaviors, commercial interests, and sometimes just plan ignorance and/or stupidity. Established medicine has frequently delayed good science and free thinkers when concepts are outside of the traditional lines of medicine. Outsiders historical are vehemently opposed and criticized, often even after their science is proved correct.

They Follow Medical Best Practices and Clinical Practice Guidelines

In addition, today, due to the pursuit of high quality, efficient, and effective healthcare (the welfare of the patient) and the enormous number and costs of lawsuits, settlements, malpractice insurance, and the human and financial costs for errors, oversights, misdiagnoses, in-hospital infections, malpractice, etc., doctors and health facilities play it safe, and for the welfare of the patients primarily follow BestPractices−−a framework of relevant information, disciplines, and methods based on the best available evidence. This also informs ClinicalPracticeGuidelines and recommendations for various healthcare, medical, and policy decisions. Now, of course, there is a tremendous amount of research and new information, but it is slow to be adopted by those that were trained a specific way or have older or alternate methods, experiences, training, and/or beliefs. Infinite life extension, however, as I mentioned, requires stepping outside that box.

My Mind Will Soon to Be Programmed by Medical School

I expect that in medical school my mind will primarily be #programmed with intervening by means of patient history, diagnosis, exams/tests, analyses, drugs/fluids, technology, medical procedures, surgery, prescriptions, patient advice/instructions/counseling, follow-ups, etc.—for when a patient has complaints, pain, swelling, inflammation, lesions, infection, loss of energy/strength, depression, abnormal bio-signs or markers, other adverse indications, or is otherwise ill and/or injured. From my studies, research, and writings for my Master’s Degree in Public Administration/Healthcare Management (MPA), I learned that prevention, wellness, and health maintenance is the new direction for medicine, but we are a long way from it, so the old/traditional approach of medicine and medical schools is still, in the U.S. and globally, much the standard, but that is not sufficient for infinite life extension.

Revenue and Profits from Your Illness

Meanwhile, most healers, worldwide, have been trained to diagnose and treat your #illnesses with an understanding primarily based on academia, recommended best practices, an abundance of administrative and legal caution, and most of all, paying the bills. Medicine and Healthcare is a business. In some Eastern European countries, doctors and nurses are honored but paid poverty wages, and their medical skills, knowledge, equipment and standards are still suspect. In all of Europe there are numerous undercurrents of corruption to get a timely appointment, qualified doctor, or best treatment and drugs due to the socialized medicine backlog and red tape. Medicine or healthcare is one of the largest business industries in the U.S. and elsewhere although many physicians face bankruptcy when the patient business does not grow and is not profitable although much of it is poor financial management. On the other hand, there has also been a horrendous number of occasions where indigent patients, after an initial assessment, have either been refused services altogether and/or put out on the streets dazed with no idea where they are or where to go, and/or with limited or no support or treatment. Overall, diagnosing and treating illnesses and injuries along with income from the pharmaceuticals, surgeries, exams, lab tests, radiology, equipment, patient supplies, technology, hospital rooms, outpatient visits, therapy, prosthetics, nursing, nutrition, appointments/visits charges, consultation, emergency services, and other procedures is ultimately highly profitable. On the other hand, I repeat, as I said, the concurrent movement to prevention, wellness, and health maintenance is still in its infancy, and infinite life extension is still beyond the imagination and training of most. It is, however, now real science, but sorry…keeping you healthy is not as lucrative Again, I repeat, no, there is no conspiracy; it’s just a fact that if no one gets sick, there would be neither work nor income for those in medicine and some sectors of healthcare—except perhaps for accidents with injuries.

#Immortality to Be Owned and Sold by WealthyPrivateInvestors: The Most Lucrative #Investment in the History of the World AND Here’s Your Chance to Beat the Drugs and Biotech

You should take note that extremely wealthy private investors and millions of corporate and individual investors and #pharmaceutical DrugManufacturers are licking their lips at the eventuality of producing, marketing, and enjoying sky-high annual sales and world record prices and profits from hundreds of trillions of dollars’ worth of immortality drugs and new cures, and procedures to be regulated by the FDA (or the European or other health agencies) and prescribed, and sold by doctors, of course. Most are attracted to what may become the most lucrative investment in the history of the world, while others are simply recognizing the prospect of their own #mortality. Allow me to be the first to alert you to what is NOW a Major ParadigmShift and an AntiAging #Zeitgeist. RIGHT NOW! By-the-way, did you read my section on who in a society should be saved? Got money? On the other hand, with regard to immortality drugs, as I say in my discussion of the King Tut #Syndrome, infinite life extension cannot be achieved with drugs, biotech, and medical technology. I know you don’t understand why, but you will when you begin to understand what I’ve written in the initial 10-book series on infinite life extension. Biotech and medicine will add a few years to a decade or so to some people’s lives but will NOT ultimately keep YOU alive. There can be no cocktail or regimen of drugs or procedures to address ALL the elements of infinite life extension as discussed in the 10BookSeries. YOU have to make some changes and do some work to stay alive−just as the original life forms did to survive and evolve over billions of years. Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation’s 10-book series is YOUR chance to invest the correct way--in your own personal, personalized infinite life extension.

Doctors and Hospitals Previously Complicit in the Scandalous Healthcare Management Organization and Insurance Systems

Although Obamacare began the process of fixing some of the barriers to affordability and ACCESS to healthcare for PEOPLE, I was disheartened during my Public Administration Master’s studies in Healthcare Management to learn of how complicit doctors and hospitals were in the unjust healthcare/insurance system and how corrupt and unethical the healthcare insurance system was/is. In spite of leading the world in health and medical technology, the United States is near bottom of the list of global rankings of healthcare management, morbidity, and mortality rates.

They Can’t See the Forest for the Trees

They can't see the forest for the trees

From my university studies, independent studies, and research of the subjects related to life and life extension and by analyzing the theories, papers, books, programs, diets, supplements, and even testing methods of many researchers, other scientists, doctors, and so-called gurus’ programs, I have come to the conclusion that all of them “can’t see the forest for the trees”. Throughout Personalized Infinite Life Extension Corporation’s initial 10-book series, I have invented dozens of new concepts to explain and to implement infinite life extension. One such concept is micro-intelligence versus macro-intelligence. Out of sheer arrogance, the human alien has nominated and voted itself not only the master of the Earth but the only lifeform with true intelligence or higher intelligence. It’s not true. Every lifeform has a higher intelligence that is specific to what I have named its End-point.

False Attributions to the Words of a God: Hurts the Intent of Faith

The most tragic human argument is from the religious sectors who have attempted to corrupt science with their invented concept of intelligent design that is a pseudo-scientific argument for the existence of a god. It argues that life is so complex that it cannot be explained by the science and evolution and therefor there must be a god. Whether or not one believes in god, that’s false logic. It calls their efforts evidence-based scientific theory about life. It’s a tragedy that has reoccurred straight out of prehistoric times and the dark ages. The arguments and perceptions are grossly unfortunate, arrogant, and scientifically obstructive. I am totally for faith and belief; it’s the faith leaders who have alienated people against people with their interpretations of what other humans have written or supposedly have said. If the faiths would stay out of science and medicine and not try to force their beliefs on the beliefs and behaviors of others and on the government, which serves all the people, there would be less animosity towards religions. Faith and belief are both supported by science, as I discuss in book #10 of the 10-book series Brain: The Final Key to Infinite Life Extension/the Master of Your Fate. There is a biological necessity for faith and belief, but it is human arrogance, self-importance, and millions of conflicting interpretations that have created doctrine and behaviors, which have caused 10s of millions of deaths throughout the history of humans and has obstructed much of human progress. That too, is in direct conflict with infinite life extension along convincing people of the concept of dying as a way to meet you maker, etc.

Thinking Out of the Box

In my Master’s studies/courses in Information Systems Management, and especially in my software programming studies, I learned to “think out of the box.” It is essential for the leaps and advancements in the highly competitive tech fields. Out of the box thinking is not typical for doctors, specialists, in medicine, or in scientific method. Quite to the contrary, a scientific investigation begins by building a confining box. Its walls are made of human observations though human perceptions, strong assumptions, hypotheses, results expectations or no expectations, and so-called known facts, thus the investigative design is narrowly limited... (link to more)

 This concept is an invention of the author, Albert Vincent Sheppard, and while covered in the book series, it is also the subject of an additional, supplementary book that is separate from the initial book series.

 End-point in this context is a concept invented by the author, AlbertVincentSheppard, that refers to the biological capabilities and characteristic of each species that evolved from the evolutionary changes to survive and reproduce, which in a huge number of cases is far superior to those of humans, e.g. the ability to fly, run extremely fast, dive to great depths, exist in a vacuum such as outer space, survive extreme cold or extreme volcanic heat, .regenerate body parts, regenerate their entire being, incredible strength and size, ability to see the spectrum of radiation unseen by human, capability of hearing sound vibrations far beyond the hearing of #humans, the capability of designing and building fantastic architectural structures and habitats far exceeding any that humans have built, ability to produce survival defense mechanisms and chemicals that humans can barely dream of, etc.

 Throughout this book series, I use those words, ignorance and stupidity, in the traditional sense. Ignorance is the lack of knowledge or unawareness, but with stupidity one may be aware of certain things but lack common sense and be foolhardy or an idiot.

 Soon” is relative to how long you should live, could live, and would live, if you understood theBattle and battle strategies.

 The terms reductionist and reductionism are used in this book series to refer to the typical approach of science (scientists), research (researchers), and their (our) methods of studying and explaining the functions, properties, structure, or the workings of something highly complex, e.g. an entity, a structure, a microorganism, a person, a cell, the brain, etc. The idea is to break it down into its simpler parts in order to understand what it is, how it functions, how it’s structured, how it does what it does, etc. While this is essential in science, it is the opposite of studying the thing as a whole (holism). The two are not mutually exclusive. The 10-book series is based on the EmergentBeing, which has properties, functions, structures, and characteristics far greater than any of the parts. The emergent being cannot be predicted by a reductionist analysis of any of its parts or systems, and infinite life extension can never be achieved by bio-scientists studying the functions of these parts. The understanding of the underlying parts is, however, essential. Unlike in pharmacology, bio-tech, and medicine, which are primarily focused on illness and cures, infinite life extension cannot be achieved with a reductionist approach to the human alien.

 This is the author’s term based on the term micro-aggression whereby people intentionally or unintentionally use and think of put-downs, slights, indignities, snubs, and twisted meanings to demean a race or person of a different race.

 Emergent Properties: The individuals and the population of a species have what science calls emergent properties that are unlike those of any of the component parts. A nucleus of an atom does not behave the same, have the same needs, have the same characteristics, and have the same functions as the quarks of which it is made. An atom does not behave the same, have the same needs, have the same characteristics, have the same functions as the nucleus or electrons of which is made. A molecule does not behave the same, have the same needs, have the same characteristics, and have the same functions of the atoms of which it is made. A cell does not behave the same, have the same needs, have the same characteristics, and have the same functions of the molecules of which it is made. A tissue does not behave the same, have the same needs, have the same characteristics, and have the same functions of the cells of which it is made. An organ does not behave the same, have the same needs, have the same characteristics, and have the same functions of the tissues of which it is made. A bio-system does not behave the same, have the same needs, have the same characteristics, and have the same functions of the organs or components of which it is made. A woman, girl, man, or boy does not behave the same, have the same needs, have the same characteristics, and have the same functions of the bio-systems of which it is made. What emerges at each higher level of the hierarchy functions entirely differently, behaves differently, and is far greater than the sum of its components. The behaviors and life characteristics of the body are beyond what can be #predicted from its components. This is known fact that science knows well but too often ignores when it is looking through a >reductionist[1] lens and trying to assess a potential by scientific method alone. Infinite life extension of this emergent being, the human, goes beyond what can be predicted from human components, drugs, or a reductionist view of the minute investigation of cells. STILL, there is a need to understand the underlying structures and function not merely for the sake of science but to help fix things that go wrong.

 #Telomeres are discussed in book #3, and are a critical part of your cells that affect how your cells age—and how you age. They are the caps at the end of each strand of #DNA that protect your chromosomes and are compared to the plastic tips at the end of shoelaces. Without such a casing, shoelaces become frayed. In the case of damaged or shortened telomeres, DNA becomes damaged and your cells reproduce with errors and in abnormal ways leading to senescence and ultimately your death. While part of shortening of telomeres is a natural consequence, human behaviors and health conditions shorten them prematurely such as the causes and effects or depression. It is my contention that otherwise, the telomeres would regenerate and sustain healthy cell reproduction infinitely. This too, is at the core of the 10-book series.

 This concept is an invention of the author, Albert Vincent Sheppard, and while covered in the 10-book series, it is also the subject of an additional, supplementary book that is separate from the initial book series.

 Epigenetics is not new in science, but it has recently been elevated in importance. It’s not necessary for you to understand it, except to know that things in your life, your behavior, and your surroundings/environment can turn certain hereditary genes on, off, or modify the strength of their expression, including such things as conditions and experiences in life as well as pre-birth in the womb via the mother’s environment, nutrition, addictions, health, movements, abuses, hormones, emotions, good and bad experiences while pregnant, etc.

Understand about How the New Science of Infinite Life Extension Was Founded